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what other band gives you a free coloring book along with your album purchase?

yay! shirt design!  more colors to come soon! get one with your EP order June 30th!

So unbelievably excited for this.  artwork by Imri Vasale

First all ages show we’ve had in a while! acch yah!

We were in AP magazine! most rad! :D

kern demands that you get your hands on our EP.  when its available of course.  June 30th! :D

Serious questions.  if i made this into a shirt, would any of you guys buy it?  at least wear it if thrown at you whilst in a crowd at one of our shows?  are linden and I the only ones that think this is funny? :D

and another one…i guess its a little bit more serious than the other, (the band mates always appreciate that…) however it doesn’t show off my coloring book skillz.

i’m still not over this drawing, haha, i want to turn it into a sticker…what do you guys think?

the beach chateau… its a little precarious hanging over that relentless ocean.  one day its going to look just like it does here.  million dollar homes eaten by the sea!  still beautiful in all its ruin though.